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BM-RENT Alternate Telehandlers - Telehandler CAT TH408D
Telehandler CAT TH408D
Available on request

Telehandler CAT TH408D

This robust equipment makes it easy to do construction and related work. The Telehandler CAT TH408D is a four-wheeled two-axle vehicle with telescopic forks. It can be used not only in the construction industry, but also in agriculture and forestry. Large wheels and a large engine power make it easy to move the machine even on unpaved terrain.

The Telehandler CAT TH408D is particularly suitable for loading work. The standard equipment is a fork to transport pallets. The machine can also collect and stack hay in bales. It can be helpful on the construction site when transporting oversized construction elements.

Rental the Telehandler CAT TH408D will allow you to carry out many tasks, which will be impossible without special equipment. The low cost of rental a vehicle will not significantly burden the company's budget. We guarantee a minimum of formalities and convenient deadlines for the collection of equipment.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 8,526.00
BM-RENT Alternate Telehandlers - Telehandler 3510D AG HANDLER
Telehandler 3510D AG HANDLER
Available on request

Telehandler CAT TH408D (4T, 8m)

The TH3510D Ag Handler is a transport and loading device. It is equipped with telescopic forks, which are used for vertical and horizontal transport. The machine can carry the goods to a height of almost ten meters, which allows for efficient stacking. Thanks to its considerable power and manoeuvrability, it is perfect for storage conditions.

The machine is characterized by universal use. It can be used in warehouses, but also for work on the construction site or on the farm. Telescopic handler TH3510D Ag Handler is equipped with forks as standard, which enable transport of pallets. Additional accessories include loading buckets, fertilizer forks and a wooden bale grab.

Rental of the machine will help to dispel doubts related to the purchase of new equipment. Rental the TH3510D Ag Handler telescopic loader gives you the opportunity to test the high quality of the equipment - this will allow you to check it in field conditions and keep costs low before purchasing the chosen equipment.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 9,149.00
BM-RENT Alternate Telehandlers - Telehandler CAT TH314D
Telehandler CAT TH314D
Available from
395.00* excl. VAT
Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 10,095.00
BM-RENT Alternate Telehandlers - Telehandler CAT TH417D
Telehandler CAT TH417D
Available on request

Telehandler CAT TH417D

Machines equipped with telescopic hydraulic systems are helpful in many branches of industry. However, it is difficult to find a device with such a range as the telescopic loader CAT TH417D. Hiring this device can help during the demanding stage of construction works. High quality of the machine, excellent visibility and precise control enable safe and quick work.

The charger is very good at loading goods. Standard equipment makes it easy to move pallets and deliver them even to high floors. The machine can also support assembly or transport of non-standard structures. The possibility of installing additional equipment increases the scope of application of this device.

Our telescopic loaders rental service offers fully operational equipment. We take care of regular inspections and current repairs, so the machine will be safe for direct users and other construction workers. Therefore, you can confidently and without fear, entrust the machine to your operators.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 11,802.00
* The basic rent price does not include transportation costs, ADDITIONAL insurance (BASIC insurance included), wear-and-tear of the rented item (if indicated in its description), as well as (if applicable) the deposit for gas cylinders, consumables (like fuel) and cleaning. All of these additional services can be chosen on top. The price in the event of lack of fuel on return of the machine will be invoiced at 6 PLN plus VAT/1 l diesel (unless prepaid FUEL has been chosen), the cleaning prices vary according to the machine size category ( 80 pln (+VAT) for Small machines, 180 pln (+VAT) for Medium machines, 260 pln (+VAT) for Large sized machines), unless prepaid CLEANING has been chosen. The rent price for a day shall be calculated for 8 business hours. There is no compensation in the event of less hours used.
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