You never know how your day will go, when you work in the building sector. And we think it‘s fascinating! A lot of can happen by surprise, as long as you are ready to overcome the challenge. And it’s EASY to do so with BM-Rent!

Whatever happens, we are ready to help! High quality machines with a wide variety of accessories, drills, hammers, buckets – just name the challenge and we will take care of that!


The cities we all live in are constantly changing – some parts need to be fixed and some need to be prepared for new projects. Whatever your task is – demolition, earthworks, engineering structures or underground works – it will go smoothly and easily with BM-Rent and the equipment we have!

We know you are dealing with – after all, we are 30 years in the business already – and we are sure that together we will find a solution that suits you best. We believe that work is EASY when it is productive and cost efficient at the same time – and this is what we are ready to offer!


Events are like snowflakes – unique and different! And very challenging for organizers, we know. Let us make it EASY for you when it comes to equipment (you have enough things to worry about) – our range of  handling and elevation equipment is always ready to make your event sparkle!


A lot can happen when you operate in the industry sector. And you still have to ensure a smooth running of work. In many cases, the challenge is a one-time-thing (you encounter a totally different one next day) and renting your solution benefits both you and your company or municipality. Our experts will easily find what you need and help you to choose the equipment that fits best – we have a variety of mini- excavators, as well as handling and elevation equipment. And we know that challenges also differ depending to your work that can be in warehouses or high up in the air for the maintenance of a building when you work in the facility service segment. Our team knows your business, so we can easily find a fast, personalized solution for you!


If you work in farming, you know what hard work is and how precious is your time. This is why you need efficient help daily. The equipment we have for rent may be just the right solution for you in order to make your life EASIER. Choose from a wide range of machines available and think of the challenge you need to overcome – we are sure any task becomes EASY with the right equipment!

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