BM RENT - offer construction equipment rental in Poznan

Construction equipment rental is a way for companies and private users to get the equipment they need. Companies from western Poland can take advantage of the offer presented by our construction equipment rental company. Poznań, and specifically the local branch of BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store in Komorniki can boast a wide range of machinery needed in construction, earthmoving, forestry and agriculture. Our offer includes equipment from well-known manufacturers, enabling various works in many sectors.

Earthmoving and road building equipment

It is difficult to imagine preparatory or road works without excavators. The high price of these vehicles makes it worthwhile to pay attention to the rental of construction machines. In Poznań, the branch of BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store offers mini excavators for precise earthworks, demolition or creating fences. For heavier works, it is worth to use excavators with smaller buckets and loaders. You can also rent accessories for many of our machines, such as drilling rigs, sweepers and augers.

Construction site equipment

To start construction work, it is necessary to create a functional background. Poznan construction equipment rental company BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store offers two variants of construction containers. These constructions will be needed to create social and office facilities for employees. Additionally, it is worth reaching for fencing elements. With its help you can fence off the chosen warehouse or social area and build a fence of any shape.

Concrete processing machines

Concrete work is one of the most important stages during the construction of buildings. It is worth using the machines offered by our construction equipment rental company. Poznań, and more precisely, the branch of BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store located there, offers compactors, vibrating bars, trowels and milling machines. The choice of application and power of the equipment will allow you to match it to the needs of the job.

Other accessories and machines

It is difficult to list all the equipment offered by BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store, a tool rental company in Poznan. Certainly, it is worth to pay attention to the auxiliary and useful equipment for cleaning works. In our rental there are vacuum cleaners, thanks to which bringing order to a renovated room will be easier. On the other hand, cleaning of objects and machines will go smoothly with pressure washers. In case of flooding and flooding of excavations it is worth using efficient sludge pumps.

Why is it worth renting machines from BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store?

Rental of construction equipment is used by almost all representatives of this industry. Many companies have only rented equipment, because they value independence and avoid costs of storage of unnecessary equipment. It is for them that construction equipment rental is the best option. Poznan and its surroundings is the place where you most often enter into tenders, but the company does not have a fleet of machines? With our rental it will no longer be a problem. Renting for a few days will also make it easier to conduct additional work or expand your business to a new area.

Rential machines also allows you to forget about many problems that machine owners have. The company budget is not burdened with a monthly loan installment for a new device, for which tasks are not always found. When times are bad for the business, the machine can be returned, which reduces costs. The obligation to perform inspections and regular repairs also remains on the side of the rental company. The lessor takes care only about fuel supply and fluid change.

If your company performs works in western Poland, it is worth considering construction equipment rental. Poznań, the biggest city in Wielkopolska, where our head office is located, is a place which neighbors the main communication routes. This makes it easy to pick up the ordered equipment and transport it to the desired location. This will allow us to minimize the time needed for the transportation of machines.

Construction equipment rental only with BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store

There are many companies on the market that offer used construction equipment for rent. Why should BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store, Poznan construction equipment rental company attract your attention? Our product range includes high quality equipment maintained in excellent technical condition. All the machines come from reliable producers, thanks to which the risk of equipment failure during the work is limited to minimum.

BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store is also a place where enthusiasts work. Our mission is to help our customers and provide them with satisfaction, therefore we care about the quality of our services to be at the highest level and meet all their needs. In order to take care of our tenants, we constantly develop a database of construction machinery and accessories. We also care about the development of our mobile application, which makes it even easier to rent construction equipment in Poznań.

Rental construction tools in Poznan in BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store is also characterized by a minimum of formalities. We do not expect our customers to provide any unnecessary documents or confirmations. During your first visit in our facility we will carry out all the necessary procedures, so that subsequent rentals can be made without a personal visit, but only through authorized persons or mobile application.

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