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BM-RENT Alternate Pressure washers - NILFISK MC 4M(230V, 160Bar)
NILFISK MC 4M(230V, 160Bar)
Available from
25.00* excl. VAT

NILFISK MC 4M(230V,160Bar)

The pressure washer is a device that will prove itself not only in companies related to construction, but also in those operating in the automotive industry. The device is characterized by considerable durability and efficiency, which allows to use it for professional cleaning. Robust handle and large wheels facilitate transport and use of the washer in the field.

The device is useful in construction and cleaning companies for cleaning facades or the area in front of the house. Also in car repair shops or car washes, NILFISK MC 4M pressure washer can be useful. Rental the device will allow you to convince yourself that this equipment is extremely economical. The system of external dispenser allows to increase the pressure in the nozzle, which translates into more efficient work.

Rental this device can bring you measurable financial benefits. If you need a device to do a specific job at once, it will be the cheapest option to get good equipment. BM Rent of pressure washers and construction equipment guarantees minimum formalities and competitive rental prices.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 39.00
BM-RENT Alternate Pressure washers - NILFISK MC 5C(engine, 280Bar)
NILFISK MC 5C(engine, 280Bar)
Available from
43.00* excl. VAT

NILFISK MC 5C(engine, 280Bar)

Pressurized water washing is one of the most effective cleaning methods used in construction and industry. The combustion washer ensures high pressure in the nozzle, which facilitates removal of the most difficult dirt. Thanks to its durable steel construction it will work well in difficult construction conditions.

Not only on the construction site will the NILFISK MC 5C pressure washer be useful. The internal-combustion engine may encourage to hire this device, which will prove itself in places far away from power sources. The device is additionally equipped with a hose, which allows to draw water from natural water reservoirs. These features allow to use the device in wood industry or agriculture. They are especially useful in situations when the work will be carried out in unarmed areas.

Rental a pressure washer can be a way out of an emergency situation. If the work area is suddenly cut off from the media, the device will cope with this situation. This will allow you to continue working and not expose the investment to unnecessary downtime.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 52.00
BM-RENT Alternate Pressure washers - Karcher HDS 8/18-4C
Karcher HDS 8/18-4C
Available from
77.00* excl. VAT
Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 126.00
BM-RENT Alternate Pressure washers - NILFISK MH 5M(400V, 210Bar)
NILFISK MH 5M(400V, 210Bar)
Available from
67.00* excl. VAT

NILFISK MH 5M(400V, 210Bar)

In many industrial sectors intensive dirt is cleaned with pressure washers. For the toughest work a powerful pressure washer NILFISK MH 5M will be useful. The rental of this device may be encouraged by an engine that generates pressure up to 180 bar. Noteworthy is also a long five meter long electric cable and low detergent consumption.

The device can be useful when cleaning the most troublesome dirt from squares or facades of buildings. It will also work well when cleaning industrial machines or steel structures. The washer is equipped with four-wheeled chassis, which facilitates work and maneuvering on large squares or halls.

High-powered pressure washers are not used too often, so rental them may be a better way to get this professional equipment than buying them. Low cost of rental and minimum formalities - this is additionally offered by our rental company.

Pressure washers are only one of the groups of products used in industry that you can rent from us - we can also equip your investment with other useful equipment and tools and deliver them all in one order.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 195.00
BM-RENT Alternate Pressure washers - BRENDON BBW30KLN+ES(portable, engine, water tank)
BRENDON BBW30KLN+ES(portable, engine, water tank)
Available from
80.00* excl. VAT
Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 450.00
* The basic rent price does not include transportation costs, ADDITIONAL insurance (BASIC insurance included), wear-and-tear of the rented item (if indicated in its description), as well as (if applicable) the deposit for gas cylinders, consumables (like fuel) and cleaning. All of these additional services can be chosen on top. The price in the event of lack of fuel on return of the machine will be invoiced at 6 PLN plus VAT/1 l diesel (unless prepaid FUEL has been chosen), the cleaning prices vary according to the machine size category ( 80 pln (+VAT) for Small machines, 180 pln (+VAT) for Medium machines, 260 pln (+VAT) for Large sized machines), unless prepaid CLEANING has been chosen. The rent price for a day shall be calculated for 8 business hours. There is no compensation in the event of less hours used.
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