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BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CC2.6
Available on request


Surface curing provides greater stability and durability of the area. The CAT CC 2.6 vibrating roller is useful in this type of work. The machine is equipped with a 1.2 meter wide work drum. In addition, the more effective compaction is influenced by a vibrating system that can be started at any time. Thanks to it, the work will be carried out quickly and precisely, and the machine will prove itself on every construction site.

The CAT CC 2.6 vibrating roller will be most useful for roadworks. It can be used to harden the base for road surfaces. It passes the test while levelling the final asphalt road surfaces. It is also perfect for making paths and driveways not finished with an asphalt layer.

The CAT CC 2.6 vibratory roller may be useful for many complicated works. Rental of the equipment will allow to perform the most difficult works quickly. At the same time, rental costs will be much lower than in case of purchasing a new machine. This will result in no delays in the task execution and maintenance of the budget for the project.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 2,260.00
BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CB 2.7 (2.51T)
CAT CB 2.7 (2.51T)
Available from
125.00* excl. VAT

Roller CAT CB 2.7 (2.51T)

One of the stages of construction works is often road works. In order to perform them you may need a road roller CAT CB 2.7. Rental such a device should be of particular interest to owners of smaller companies. The machine is small in size, which affects its manoeuvrability and significantly shortens the time of task completion.

The main field of industry where a vibrating roller will be needed is road construction. The machine will prove itself as an independent roller for hardening suburban or internal roads. For larger investments it can be used as a supporting roller. Then it will harden driveways, parking lots or roadsides.

Rental a roller can be a way to expand your business with a small financial outlay. There will be no need to buy an expensive machine for a single order. BM Rent road rollers allow you to rent a vehicle even for just a few days. Such time is often enough to carry out selected works.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 2,510.00
BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CC34B
Available from
240.00* excl. VAT
Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 3,378.00
BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CB 34 (3.69T)
CAT CB 34 (3.69T)
Available on request

Roller CAT CB 34 (3.69T)

The CAT CC 34 vibratory roller is ideal for compacting road surfaces. It can be used for preparatory work and for final smoothing of asphalt. The CAT CC 34 vibratory roller is equipped with a comfortable and clear cab. In addition, the machine does not cause any problems with steering even for novice operators. This makes the work safe for the driver and other employees.

Tandem vibratory roller CAT CC 34 is one of the basic tools of all road construction teams. It may be needed during the construction of roads, as well as house driveways. With its help, it will harden and smoothen the road. Therefore, general construction companies will also decide to rent it.

If you are interested in Caterpillar CC 34 vibratory roller, renting is a chance to check the quality of the machine. At BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store we offer serviced and tested equipment of the highest quality. Thanks to this you can use it without worrying about technical problems. 

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 3,690.00
BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CB7(8.19T)
CAT CB7(8.19T)
Available on request


Modern tandem vibratory roller CAT CB7 is a vehicle needed in road works. It is characterized by innovative solutions which make the machine very efficient. Noteworthy are the function of mapping passes or numerous sensors for temperature control. The Caterpillar CB7 roller is also very easy to operate. The work is assisted by a convenient control panel and liquid crystal display for controlling vehicle parameters.

The CAT CB7 vibratory roller will find its application mainly in road works. It can be used for compacting asphalt of various compositions. Full rollers are also suitable for other granular surfaces. This allows the machine to be used when preparing a construction site or finishing the space in front of a new building.

The CAT CB7 tandem vibratory roller is one of the vehicles available at BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store. Rental the machine will make it easier to carry out road works. It will also allow you to approach additional works without the need to hire specialist companies.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 8,190.00
BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CB 10(9.71T)
CAT CB 10(9.71T)
Available from
422.00* excl. VAT

CAT CB 10(9.71T)

Vibratory roller CAT CB 10 is a machine useful in road works. With its help you can level and prepare the ground of asphalt roads. The CAT CB 10 vibratory roller is appreciated by all operators. This has been achieved through the installation of touch control systems and a clear display. This will allow even an inexperienced worker to cope with operating the vehicle.

Caterpillar CB 10 vibratory roller for rent is an offer primarily for representatives of construction companies. The machine may be useful mainly during road construction. It will also prove useful when creating driveways and parking lots within residential buildings.

The CAT CB 10 roller for rent is one of the vehicles available in the offer of BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store. By reaching for it, you can efficiently carry out a task that would require lengthy work with other machines. Thanks to rental you will be able to complete the works on time. At the same time the costs of the order will remain low.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 9,710.00
BM-RENT Alternate Rollers - CAT CS 64 (12.35T)
CAT CS 64 (12.35T)
Available on request

Roller CAT CS 64 (12.35T)

Modern vibratory soil roller CAT CS 64 is a useful device for earthworks. It proves useful during ground compaction of squares, parking lots or roads. The CAT CS 64 vibratory soil roller is equipped with a powerful modern engine. It provides decent fuel consumption and quiet operation of the machine. Thanks to this the roller can be used on every construction site.

Companies associated with the road industry will be mainly interested in this device. Vibratory soil roller CAT CS 64 can be useful for some works in residential or industrial construction. It will be especially needed for preparatory works and for hardening the ground around objects after the completion of works.

The CAT CS 64 roller for rent is one of the offers of BM RENT - The CAT Rental Store. Renting the machine will bring profits for your company in the form of reduced costs of work performance. The roller can also replace other less efficient machines. In this case you will be able to clearly advance your work.

Basic insurance conditions
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 12,350.00
* The basic rent price does not include transportation costs, ADDITIONAL insurance (BASIC insurance included), wear-and-tear of the rented item (if indicated in its description), as well as (if applicable) the deposit for gas cylinders, consumables (like fuel) and cleaning. All of these additional services can be chosen on top. The price in the event of lack of fuel on return of the machine will be invoiced at 6 PLN plus VAT/1 l diesel (unless prepaid FUEL has been chosen), the cleaning prices vary according to the machine size category ( 80 pln (+VAT) for Small machines, 180 pln (+VAT) for Medium machines, 260 pln (+VAT) for Large sized machines), unless prepaid CLEANING has been chosen. The rent price for a day shall be calculated for 8 business hours. There is no compensation in the event of less hours used.
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