What are SIMPLE points? 

SIMPLE points you get every time you rent equipment you need at BM-RENT.

How SIMPLE points are counted?

For 1 PLN you spend for renting equipment, you get 1 SIMPLE point. 1 SIMPLE point is worth 0,05 PLN. SIMPLE points are not exchanged into any other currency (not even a bitcoin!)

When and where I can use SIMPLE points?

You can use your SIMPLE points to partially pay for your order on that is more than 100 PLN worth. 1 SIMPLE point = 0,05 PLN. After the first invoice is paid,  points for that invoice will automatically appear in your account at You can check the amount of your SIMPLE points in your personal area at anytime.

Do SIMPLE points have an expiration date?

You can use your SIMPLE points up to 12 months after receiving them.


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